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My specialty is character voices and impressions of celebrities and cartoon characters. Here are some extra samples of my works and what I can do to help you with your next production. Whether it's audio, video, or talking character, I would love to help make your project come alive. My repertoire is always growing, so please contact me if there is anything you are looking for that is not represented in my demos or what you see here:

My Characters/Impression Medley

My Don Cherry Impression Medley

My Animation Videos Using Vyond

Vyond Free Trial Link

My Uncle Bens RV jingle with Planit Sound

Some Voices not represented here or my demos, but I can do - Al Bundy, Arnold Schwarzenegger,Bill Clinton, Bullwinkle&Rocky, Don Corlione, Elmer Fudd, Ernie, Goofy, Grandpa Simpson, Hulk Hogan, Krusty The Clown, Ladiesman, Macho Man, Max Wright, Maxwell Smart, Mickey Mouse, Mr . Burns, Mr. Garrison, Mr. Hankey, Mr. Mackie, Mr. Smithers, Otto, Patrick Warburton, Sean Connery, Snagglepuss, Sylvester, Tattoo, Tony the Tiger, Tone Loc, Wierdly&Creepella Gruesome


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